The P.E.S.T.® Machine Team, Inc. is a franchising network of pest elimination firms throughout the United States, made up of independently owned firms of variously named organizations, who uniformly use the patented P.E.S.T.® Machine and its techniques/protocol to eliminate roaches and other pests, using boric acid powder and baits.  Other non-repellent materials are used, as situations dictate, in conjunction for other pest species.  The P.E.S.T.® Machine Team of L.A., Inc., is a restaurant, food processing, hotel and hospitality and medical profession service company.  Our goal is to custom design programs specific to the nature of the individual operation in accordance with their unique needs. The intent of this program is to eliminate existing infestations and to provide all services necessary to safely maintain a pest free environment for our customers.  The P.E.S.T.® Machine Team of L.A., Inc. has enjoyed a good working relationship with the Restaurant Industry both fine dining and the Quick Service Restaurant Industry in the southern California area since August, 1987.  We believe that our products and techniques have proven to be very efficient at remaining effective in controlling your problems and work in harmony with any style of operation.  Our coverage area extends from Bakersfield to the Mexican border and from Santa Barbara to Coachella, encompassing all of Southern California.